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Required Documents to acquire for a Lebanese Citizenship

From the wife of a Lebanese Citizen


One year after registering the marriage in the vital statistics office in Lebanon, (and not only at the Lebanese Embassy) the wife of a Lebanese citizen can apply to obtain the Lebanese Nationality, after providing the following required documents:


1- A written request submitted by the spouse to acquire Lebanese Citizenship


2-Citizenship application form to fill out – Fees $50


3- Affidavit signed by the Lebanese husband: he accepts to grant his wife the Lebanese Nationality and register her on his Lebanese registry recordsFees $125


4- Copy of the husband’s Lebanese passport & Lebanese ID


5- Copy of the wife’s foreign valid passport


6- If the wife holds the Syrian or Palestinian nationality: a recent family civil registry record is required + copy of her resident permit or visa 


7- Copy of a recent Family Civil Status for the husband, showing the registration of the marriage in the Lebanese records for more than a year


8- Copy of the Wife’s Birth Certificate, stating fathers name and mother’s maiden name, authenticated by the Embassy of her country


9- Copy of the Marriage Certificate issued by the Federal Government, authenticated by the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


10- In case of children: copy of their Lebanese passports & Lebanese ID


11- Employment Letter for the husband & wife (Optional)


Citizen Application 1.pdf

Citizen Application 2.pdf

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