Transfer Of Corpse

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Required Documents to transfer the body

of a deceased person to Lebanon - Transfer of Corpse


Fees of $50 is required


1- Original Death Certificate issued by the National Population Commission


2- Medical Report mentioning the date, location, time, and Cause of Death issued by the hospital


3- Letter of Embalming & Letter of non-contagious diseases issued by the hospital or the mortician (Undertaker)


4- Letter of sealed casket


5- Police Report in case the death was caused by an accident or an attack


6- Burial Transit Permit (waiver for the repatriation of human remains) issued by the Federal Ministry of Health ( To obtain the waiver, a formal request issued by the Lebanese Embassy addressed to the Ministry of Health in Nigeria enclosed with relevant documents indicating the date, location, cause of death and age of deceased)


7- Original Lebanese passport of the deceased in order to cancel it


8- Copy of the Lebanese I.D. Card and Individual or Family Civil Status Record (Ikhraj Kayd) of the deceased


9- Air waybill and Flight details (Flight name, Flight number, Place & Time of departure and arrival to the destination)



*All the documents must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and legalized by the Embassy of Lebanon.


*Please note that you need to fill out an  application form  in order to register the death at the Lebanese Vital Records Registry.


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