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The certificate/transcript must to be notarized by the school, college, or university notary. 

-  It then must be authenticated by the Ministry of Education and Foreign Affairs. 

-  A Passport and ID Copy

N.B. Please note that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Nigeria requires that the original Academic Certificates be presented upon legalization of the true copy (School, College, and University Certificates and Transcripts)

-   Legalization of academic documents notarized by the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Fee of  $60 (cash) per  certificate. 
-   Legalization of documents notarized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nigeria Fees are listed according to the type of document: 
  1. Certificates, transcripts: $20 (cash). 
  2. Birth, Marriage and Divorce Certificates: $38  (cash).
  3. Death Certificate: $10 (cash). 
4. Certified copy of General or Special Power of Attorney: $40 (cash) per principal. 
5. Commercial Documents: $225 (cash) or  $4/1000 where a monetary value is included in the document.
6. Contracts: $40 (cash)




 1- All notarized commercial invoices must be authenticated by the local Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

 2- Must be attached to a legalized Certificate of Origin. 

 3- Fees:

   • For the commercial invoice: $1/1000 where a monetary value is included in document (cash).
   • Minimum fees: $475 (cash).
   • Maximum fees: $3125 (cash).
   • For the Certificate of origin: $25/one invoice or $50/multiple invoice (cash). 

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