Power of Attorney Executed at the Embassy

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1. The principal must be present with proper identification such as a Lebanese I.D. Card or an Extract of Civil Status (Ikhraj Kayd) or valid Lebanese passport. 
2. Full address and telephone No. of the principal in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
3. I.D. or passport copy of the Representative in Lebanon. 
4. For Real Estate matters: copy of property deed or a registry certificate (ifada 3ikariya). 
5. For cars: copy of the car license 
6. For Bank accounts: The bank address and account number.
7. For Divorces: copy of marriage certificate. 
8. For General Power of Attorney Original passports for two Lebanese witnesses. The principal and the witnesses should come in person to the Embassy to sign the general power of attorney. 
General Power of Attorney $100 cash per principal
Special Power of Attorney $50 cash per principal. 
In addition: If the Power of Attorney includes a dollar amount, the fee is calculated as $1.00 per $1000.00 with a  Maximum of $3125. 

Notes: Power Of Attorney concerning real estate is only valid for a five year-period
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