Registration of Divorce

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Required Documents for Divorce registration


Application for Registration of Divorce.pdf


1- Fill out a Divorce application form


2- Copy of the Lebanese passports for Husband and wife (or Foreign passports)


3- Copy of the Lebanese ID Card or a recent Individual Civil Status Record (Ikhraj kayd) for the Husband & wife 


4- Copy of the Lebanese Marriage Certificate and a recent Family Civil Status Record showing the registration of the marriage in the Lebanese records


5- Copy of the Husband or wife Birth Certificate in case he/she is not Lebanese, authenticated by the Embassy of their country


6- The copy of the original Divorce Decree issued by the relevant Nigerian religious or civil court (same authority that issued the marriage), authenticated by the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and legalized by the Embassy.  Fees of $63 + 2/1000 on any sum of money mentioned in the divorce papers. 


7- It’s necessary to appoint power of attorney granting a lawyer or representative in Lebanon the right to follow up on the finalization of the divorce in Lebanon.  Fees $50



* The registration of vital records is only applicable to Lebanese citizens. As for Palestinian Refugees holding Lebanese travel documents, the procedures require them to legalize the Divorce certificate from the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy, then to register it directly with the General Directorate for Political Affairs and Refugees at the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities in Lebanon.



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