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To the kind attention of the Lebanese Community in Nigeria


As you are well aware, the Federal Government of Nigeria has announced yesterday a number of measures to manage the identified cases of COVID-19 and to curtail its spread in Nigeria.


The Lebanese Embassy in Abuja out  of concern about the welfare and safety of its Lebanese Community in Nigeria, strongly urges the Lebanese Community to follow the measures being put in place by the Federal Government in the sake of ensuring your safety and the safety of your loved ones and to help the Federal Government to curtail the spread of the pandemic.


 Accordingly, we urge all families to stay at home and to limit their outings to the strict necessary.


 The Embassy of Lebanon and its consulates has put emergency numbers in your service:


- Embassy of Lebanon in Abuja - 092914900

- General Consulate in Lagos: - 08095599441

- Honorary Consulate in Kano: -   08186689558 (Whatsapp) – 09035179388

- Liaison Office Consulate in Port Harcourt - 08033102102



 Also in case of any Corona virus symptoms, please contact the following numbers:


  • For all states: NCDC – 080097000010
  • For Abuja and Kano: E-Health Africa Clinics – 08003422546427



Please find with this message a “Self Isolation Guidance” sheet by the NCDC and a link for a simple test to find out your COVID-19 risk factor:  and a general directions page by EHA Clinics on how to protect yourself and others from contacting the corona virus.



Self Isolation Guidance



EHA Clinics



With the compliments of the Embassy of Lebanon in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Abuja 24/03/2020




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