Making donations to the Lebanese health system

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To the Kind attention of the Lebanese Community in Nigeria

Upon instructions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants and in accordance with the appeal made by the Lebanese Government, and in the framework of joint cooperation to combat the Corona Virus epidemic COVID-19, which has moved to a delicate stage  in Lebanon and the world, the Lebanese Embassy in Abuja appeals to its Lebanese Community in Nigeria to help by making donations to the Lebanese health system, in order to confront the spread of the Corona Virus on Lebanese soil and to help to treat the infected population.

Donations can be made to the following accounts:


1- Ministry of Finance:

Lebanese Pounds: LB36 0999 0000 0001 0017 0036 1885
US Dollars:  LB88 0999 0000 0001 0027 0036 1885
British Pounds: LB50 0999 0000 0001 0057 0036 1885
Euro: LB80 0999 0000 0001 0697 0036 1885


2- Raffic Hariri Hospital- Lebanese Pounds: LB40 0999 0000 0001 0017 1904 1200


Furthermore, the medical and health sector in Lebanon in need for urgent assistance in a number of medical provisions: 

- COVID-19 PCR Test Kits
- Protective equipment: masks, gloves, gowns, goggles, eye shield
- Equipment including ventilators


These can be made as in-kind donations to the High Relief Commission at the following address: Starco Building, Beirut, Block C, 8th Floor, Tel No: 03/953103 - 70/244004 - 01/363052- 01/373202

Taking pride in the positive response that this initiative has received from the Lebanese citizens around the world, Prime Minister Hassan Diab said in a statement on social media: “Once again, the Lebanese have proven that they are able to face the challenges, to join hands, to cooperate, and to make donations to tackle the Corona virus, and they have proven that they are a people worthy of Lebanon".


With the compliments of the Embassy of Lebanon in the Federal Republic of Nigeria



Joint cooperation to combat the Corona Virus



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